Here you will find maps showing places mentioned in The Ancient Ocean Blues. On several of the maps below the yellow boxes show the relationship with other maps. Warning: the descriptions contain spoilers!

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The Ancient Mediterranean

This is a map of the Mediterranean Sea in ancient times; it's general enough that it doesn't give away too much about the story, so you could look at it right away. From this map you can zoom in on the other maps by clicking on the yellow boxes.

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Ancient Italy

You can see here the places mentioned in the first few chapters, while Marcus is in Rome and then when he is sailing down the coast.

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Ancient Greece

SPOILERS and shouldn't be looked at (if you're feeling pure) until you're reading Chapter 10: The Sword of Cilicia. There's a bit of information about Chapters 11 and 12 but fortunately it won't make much sense until you read those!
This map does contain

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This map contains LOTS OF SPOILERS and shouldn't really be looked at until after you've finished Chapter 8.

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Ancient Athens

The City of Philosophy. It doesn't give very much away.
This map shows the city of Athens in the year 63 BC, together with all the places mentioned in Chapter 9:

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Samos, Tragias, and Miletus (LOTS OF SPOILERS)

LOTS OF SPOILERS and shouldn't be looked (if you're feeling pure) until the middle of Chapter 12.
This map contains