Chariots of Gaul

Chariots of Gaul is a historical novel for Young Adult readers, set in Ancient Britain and Gaul in the days of the Roman Conquest.

When Julius Caesar invades Britain (in the year 55 BC), young Ludu is forced to give up his job as King Cassivellaunus' charioteer and head to Rome. There in the Circus Maximus, with the help of a formidable Gaulish princess named Šila and a strange Greek publisher, he faces the best racers in the world. But Caesar's conquest of Gaul is underway, and rebellion is in the air. As legions and warbands prepare for the final battle, can Ludu have it all, or must he choose between glory and freedom?

Chariots of Gaul can happily be read on its own, but it also serves as the sequel to the author's first two historical novels for Young Adult readers, The Roman Conspiracy and The Ancient Ocean Blues. Several characters from the first two books appear again here — Lulus Lucinus Spurinna, Marcus Oppius, Aemilia Paulla, and most notably the over-educated Homer. The action takes place about ten years after the end of The Ancient Ocean Blues.

Here you can find information on the characters in The Ancient Ocean Blues, examine the map that lets you trace their adventures, and meet the author, Jack Mitchell. Or read an excerpt of the novel itself!
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