I have published three historical novels set in ancient Rome, written for a Young Adult audience (aged roughly 11-15) but, I hope, enjoyable by all ages. Each has a mini-site of its own on these pages:
The Roman Conspiracy is a tale of adventure an intrigue as a brave teenager, Aulus, does his best to save the Roman Republic from an evil conspiracy, from the alleyways of the Eternal City to the Senate House and the battlefield.

The Ancient Ocean Blues, which can be read as a sequel to The Roman Conspiracy, takes another teenaged hero, named Marcus, on a voyage of intrigue and unintentional comedy, featuring shipwreck, piracy, and exciting sea battles.

Chariots of Gaul can be read as the sequel to The Roman Conspiracy and The Ancient Ocean Blues above.

Follow the fast-paced adventures of brash young British charioteer Ludu and and skillful Gaulish princess Šila as they do their best to stem the tide of Roman invasion. From the battlefields of Gaul to the frenzy of the Circus Maximus in Rome, this is a high-adrenaline tale featuring memorable characters in an authentic setting.

I hope to undertake more historical fiction, both the adults and for Young Adults, in the future.