Media Coverage

The Plains of Abraham has enjoyed a fair bit of media coverage, especially during the tours in 2000 and 2005. On this page you can find links to newspaper, magazine, radio, and TV material.

On the basis of circulation and listenership numbers, it is estimated that about half a million Canadians heard or read about Rhapdsodic Tour 2005; a big thank-you to Moira Johnson and Tracy Theobald of Moira Johnson Consulting, who helped publicise the project, and to Annie Forget of the Dominion Institute.

Post-Tour Coverage

  • Interview with CBC Radio in Halifax (10 March 2009). I talked with Phylis McGregor about the significance of the poem and the anniversary of the battle (it was then the 250th anniversary), and listeners got to hear some clips from a recent performance at Dalhousie University. Unfortunately the recording seems to have vanished from the CBC site.
  • Interview with KZSU, Stanford student radio (2005). [audio clip]

Tour 2005 Print Coverage

  • Canadian press story by Scott Edmonds. This appeared in the following papers:

Tour 2005 Radio Coverage

  • CBC Radio 1 (Toronto) Here and Now (3 May 2005) with host Marichka Malnyk [audio clip]
  • Radio-Canada (Ontario) Les arts et les autres (6 May 2005) with producer Alain Godbout (en français).
  • CBC Radio 1 & 2 Bunny Watson (7 May 2005 and 8 May 2005) with host Bill Richardson [audio clip]
  • CBC Radio 1 (Ottawa) All in a Day (9 May 2005) with host Brent Bambury. [audio clip]
  • CBC Radio 1 (Quebec City) Breakaway (24 May 2005)
  • CBC Radio 1 (St. John's) Radio Noon (31 May 2005); interview by Heather Barrett [audio clip]
  • CBC Radio 1 (Quebec City) Breakaway (3 June 2005)

Tour 2005 TV Coverage

  • BookTelevision (Toronto): "Historic One Man Show" (aired several times a day from 16 June 2005 onwards)

Tour 2000 Print Coverage

Tour 2000 Radio Coverage

  • CBC Radio 1 (National): As It Happens (12 July 2000) with host Jennifer Westaway. Picked as one of As It Happens' best interviews of 2000 and rebroadcast 26 December 2000.
  • CBC Radio 1 (National): Richardson's Roundup (1 August 2000) with host Bill Richardson. [audio clip]