Juvenal in Translation

Little did I realise, when I began translating Juvenal into heroic couplets, that I was following directly in the footsteps of Stapylton (1644), Holyday (1673), Dryden (1692), Owen (1785), Gifford (1802), Marsh (1804), and Hodgson (1807)! Though it's not the most original concept, my execution is original (and modern), so I hope that, in addition to renewing the tradition, I've created versions of Juvenal's first three satires (with more to come) that will provide positive pleasure to a contemporary reader. Hopefully that reader will also realise that Juvenal's grand style is sometimes rather bigoted and offensive, two qualities among others that I've tried to reproduce. Those interested in the long and glorious tradition of translating Juvenal into English would like Martin WInkler's Juvenal in English, now sadly out of print.

My Translations

So far I have completed Satire 1 and Satire 3, and am polishing a version of Satire 2. Clicking on the links here will take you to pages where you have the option of comparing my version with Juvenal's original and with other famous versions in English.