The Plains of Abraham

On these pages I present my epic poem, The Plains of Abraham. It is a poem in English, inspired by Greek and Sanskrit epic; it is meant to be performed in front of an audience. The subject of the poem is the Siege of Quebec in 1759, a vital episode in Canadian history. Please explore these pages for information on The Plains of Abraham and its development, as well as background on the nature of epic poetry and on the historical events on which the poem turns.

The Plains of Abraham aims to revive performance epic, a rather neglected type of poetry somewhat akin to one-man theatre. The poem is completely non-partisan politically, save only in asserting (implicitly) the right of the living to history, and the right of the dead to remembrance.

More than sixty audiences have seen The Plains of Abraham in performance since it first appeared in 2000. Most of these were during the poem's two nationwide tours, Rhapsodic Tour 2000, when the poem toured Canada from Atlantic to Pacific and received a good deal of media coverage, and Rhapsodic Tour 2005, when the poem toured from Pacific to Atlantic (as described on the Tour Blog) and received even more media coverage. I continue to perform the poem regularly, at least once a year.

You are welcome to look at the last transcribed version of the poem.