The Roman Conspiracy

The Roman Conspiracy is the story of a young man caught in the stormy world of the Roman Republic, aimed at Young Adult readers (aged 11-15 years). It takes place in the year 63 BC.

When the violent centurion Manlius tries to steal his family's land, Aulus Lucinus Spurinna must to journey to Rome to get help from his family's protector, Cicero. Together with Homer, his faithful but overeducated servant, Aulus soon finds that Rome is a labyrinth of treachery and ambition, a city threatened by a conspiracy of gladiators and ruthless aristocrats; and Manlius' plans go deeper than even Homer could guess. He is lucky to make friends with the beautiful Tullia, but even she seems to have mysterious designs . . .

The Roman Conspiracy brings to life one of the best documented and most exciting episodes in the history of the ancient world, the Catilinarian Conspiracy. Most of the characters (Manlius, Cicero, Tullia, Volturcius, Caesar, Catiline) are taken from history, while the events of the story all took place very much as they are described. You can trace the characters' movements on handy maps, or meet the author, Jack Mitchell. Also available are reviews, together with an excerpt of the novel itself.

The Roman Conspiracy is available on Amazon for under US$10.00.

There are two sequels to The Roman Conspiracy: The Ancient Ocean Blues and Chariots of Gaul.