Here you will find maps showing places mentioned in The Roman Conspiracy. The maps are on two scales: the Ancient Mediterranean world, Northern Italy. Warning: the descriptions contain spoilers!
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The Ancient Mediterranean World

This map shows the Mediterranean world in 63 BC, the year in which The Roman Conspiracy takes place. Places mentioned in the book are labeled in black, while places not mentioned are in brown. The yellow box shows the position of the map of Northern Italy, used in the maps below.

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Aulus' Home (Spurinnas' Valley)

Aulus' home lay just near the town of Faesulae in the region of Italy called Etruria.  Faesulae was where Aulus went to school before the story begins.  The region of Etruria is now called Tuscany, and Faesulae is called Fiesole.

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Aulus' and Homer's road to Rome

Aulus and Homer took five days to reach the great city of Rome.  After passing near Faesulae and the Arnus river, they linked up with the Cassian Road.  Their first stop was Arretium, where they stayed with a learned relative of Aulus'; from Arretium they went south on the Cassian Road through Clusium, Volsinii (where Aulus nearly had his wallet stolen), and Sutrium.  From Sutrium they cut south to Calepodius, and from there went east, crossing the Tiber into the City.

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Encounter at the Bridge

In Chapter 11, Volturcius and his escort went directly north to the Mulvian Bridge across the Tiber river, heading for the Flaminian Road to link up with Manlius near Faesulae; their route is shown here in purple.  Aulus, Tullia, Homer, and the cavalry went south to avoid being noticed, fording the river to the other bank and going north on that side, reaching the Mulvian Bridge from an unexpected angle.

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Armies' Movements

Manlius' and Catiline's forces first headed south from Faesulae, forcing Antonius' army, which was coming up from Rome, into a defensive position near Volsinii.  But Manlius and Catiline turned north from there, marching towards Gaul (at the far left edge of this map), only to turn back to Faesulae when they met a Roman army marching into Italy from Gaul.  The final confrontation took place near the Valley of the Spurinnas, near Faesulae, where Antonius faced Catiline in pitched battle.